The Industrial internet laboratory at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) is an innovative learning environment for students and local companies.
The efficiency, flexibility and agility of product development and production processes are essential factors in Finnish manufacturing, which faces intense competition from low-cost nations, providing significant challenges for the country and its educational sector. The Industrial Internet (IoT) and digitalization offer Finnish manufacturers many development opportunities. However, since the SMEs have limited R&D resources and the technology is rapidly evolving, they often need a trusted partner, neutral advisor and trained staff to help them define how new technologies can be effectively applied in their business and engineering environments.
Industrial Internet laboratory was developed to make the opportunities of the Industrial Internet and digitalization available to the students and the manufacturing sector. It is an innovative learning environment for students, and a source of expertise for companies to explore their digitalization opportunities.
The environment is a small scale, continuous 24/7 production system including the operations characteristic of the production industry. In the learning environment, students learn to operate machinery and use digital design programs to develop models and design production processes.
Founded with ERDF funding the Lab has since generated other development projects from various funding programs. In the ongoing ERDF funded IoT-Compass Hub the laboratory has also networked internationally and is a DIH with the EUDIH network.

Resources needed

The laboratory was first founded with an ERDF-project with budget 550 000 €. Half of that was the investment and the other half was used for setting up the IIoT-system including, ERP, cloud services, online shop etc. Two half time engineers are needed to run the laboratory.

Evidence of success

The Factory has been a true success story. It was first founded with an ERDF project and onwards has worked as a platform for different development projects around digital fabrication and industrial internet. After the first project it has received funding for 2 ERDF projects.
In general, the Factory has received a lot of positive feedback. During its lifetime several local companies have approached digitalization and industrial internet solutions.

Potential for learning or transfer

Industrial Internet Laboratory is an excellent example of an innovative and inspiring learning environment that has catalysed various activities around it. It is an inspiring learning environment for students but also a RDI environment for local companies. In addition it has been a great platform for other development projects around digitalization and industrial internet. It has received nearly 1 mil euros of regional ERDF funding.

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Main institution
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
March 2015
End Date


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