Every year the practical road exam on the bicycle, it is tested whether students can apply the acquired traffic knowledge in real traffic.
Every year, the Safe Traffic organization in the Netherlands (VVN) organizes the Traffic Exam, consisting of a practical and a theoretical part. During the practical road exam on the bicycle, it is tested whether students can apply the acquired traffic knowledge in real traffic.The traffic exam focuses on basic knowledge and basic skills.
The project goal is translated as "The number of children within the age of 8 – 12 years that are allowed by their parents to travel on their own (without parental overview), increases by 10% because:
- Children in the ages 8 to 10 years improve their practical cycling skills.
- Children in the age range 10 to 12 years gain insight in traffic situations.
- Parents get more insight and confidence in their child's bicycle skills.

Resources needed

The city invests around 5.000 euro a year the measure.
Costs of the products for implementation (for schools):
Five-time exam and diploma € 14,60.
Package with manual for written exam € 3.80.
Exercise exams are available free of charge.
Volunteers, parents, police, VVN: all help out.

Evidence of success

In 2016:
Number of exam days: 14
Number of schools that participated: 79
Number of schools that didn’t participate: 10
Number of students that participated: 2.758
Number of students that passed: 2.630
Number of students that didn’t pass the test: 128
Succes rate: 94,28%

Difficulties encountered

Working together with parents, road safety organizations, schools is a key success factor. Using local knowledge.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practise is potentially interesting for other regions to learn from because it is successful and has generated much involvement among schools. It can be difficult to transfer to other countries if some local stakeholders are absent, like dedicated (traffic) parents and institutions that embrace the goals of the exam.It has also proven possible to transfer to non-Dutch speaking pupils in the Netherlands:
In Utrecht, there is an example of the cycling exam for international students

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Main institution
Municipality of Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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