Creation, management and delivery of rich multimedia local content as well as provisioning of single point of access to citizens via web or mobile interfaces.
Key objective is to engage individuals as well as organisations from the local communities to create and share the local multimedia content, ranging from news, sports, culture to education and leisure. Local authorities, along with schools, local sports, culture societies or other initiatives collectively produce content of interest to citizens.
Local Digital Media Solution is a cloud based multimedia content management environment, along with web and mobile presentation interfaces that enables fast and simple deployment as well as use of the service. Geo location tagging is also supported. There is a possibility of adapting solution user interfaces as different TV (Settop box) applications.
The solution needs to be adapted to local communities needs. Video and multimedia production and editorial teams have to be established, appropriate training, as well as necessary support also have to be provided. Usually the teams are selected from secondary schools, individuals or companies related to video production.
Stakeholders involved are the local municipality itself, young people involved in the content creation as well as all the citizens within the local community.

Resources needed

The solution can be hosted on RTV Slovenia servers or installed separately, based on the agreement with the owners. Main costs are related to establishment of video production teams and editorial. The local media solution can be operated with one full time employee and sdeveral part timers.

Evidence of success

After implementation on the national scale, it was subsequently adapted to the needs of Primorska region (bordering with Italy and Croatia). Accessible at the Capo4istria URL with more then 60.000 regular viewers, video shows in Italian and Slovenian language became the main source of local news, cultural and sports events. Young video professionals and amateurs were engaged, the municipality and local organisations got the channel to promote their activities.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice is interesting to be transferred from different points of view. It represents a practical way to engage local community and to establish a broadband interactive channel where citizens can contribute their local content or merely become more familiar with the activities going on in their community. Since most of the media becomes commercial and does not provide local content to its viewer and readers, in most cases, local municipalities do not have neither the technology or the means to establish predominantly local media. On the other hand, in most local communities, individuals or groups, that would create local multimedia content exist. These are either secondary schools video groups, or individuals thats currently lack the infrastructure to upload, organise and deliver the content to the users, on fixed, mobile devices or TV sets.

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Main institution
Radio Television Slovenia; Multimedia Centre (MMC RTVSLO)
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
September 2015
End Date


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