The Albacomp Innovation Centre is a driver of the local technology-oriented creative sector in Székesfehérvár.
The Albacomp Innovation Centre is a community whose members develop common technology-oriented CCI projects in the city. The Innovation Centre is unique in Hungary, the innovative and creative SMEs are in the focus of its services. Among its activities are: R&D, back office, trade service, educational and production activities. Albacomp Innovation Centre has agreement with the Alba Regia Technical Faculty (Óbuda Uniersity) in the field of dual training, so the centre is home for educational activities and delivers CCI SMEs from idea to product.
The Centre provides a complex service for emerging research and development companies through its technological background like high-security server room, servers for cloud-based ASP services and high-performance network infrastructure.

Resources needed

The centre was invested with 4,8 million Euro. In the framework of the GOP-1.2.1-12 / B-2012-0017 project, the centre received a grant of 2,7 million Euro. The operation of the Centre is carried out by the companies involved on.a self-sustaining way.

Evidence of success

The key to success is the diversification and the knowledge and resources sharing. The Centre has recognized that it is very difficult to engage in traditional activity in a shrinking IT market. It has to be on many feet and needs to develop special developments that make the involved organizations better than the competitors. Additionally, the way of managing the innovation centre is unique, as it is grounded by a cluster collaboration and open for any companies and other interested parties.

Potential for learning or transfer

Being a creative IT hub, the centre is a good example of local cooperation and acceleration of creative industries.
Main institution
Albacomp Innovation Centre
Közép-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
November 2015
End Date


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