To simplify the coordination among players in the region’s organic sector, a Regional Observatory was set up in 2007. Database is paperless and a virtual vetrin
The Apulia region was in difficulty for managing the documentation of around 11,000 farmers, and consequently the administrative activities were delayed. The initiative was born as a necessity to simplify the coordination among the players in the organic sector, including farmers, the Apulia region, certification bodies and consumers.
Biobank was designed to allow the online management of notifications related to activities in organic sector, the annual production programs, the various communications and documentation related to organic farming. The project reached its objectives by being paperless, furnishing the necessary information to the players in the organic sector in real-time, and for being synchronized with SIB system of the MiPAAF as well as with certification bodies at national level. The platform offers to the farmers the opportunity to display and promote their products, so it plays the role of a virtual “vetrina”. A new experimental system for traceability of the organic agri-food products is on-going in the frame of the project.
The main stakeholders are about 11,000 regional organic operators, the inspectors of Apulia region, 2,000 technicians/consultants of farmers, 16 certification bodies, and the consumers. The Regional Observatory for the Development of Organic Agriculture in Apulia Region was set up in 2007. It is part of a National Organic Action Plan funded by MiPAAF, to develop Observatory that could be resolved through a new Organic Action Plan.

Resources needed

The amount for maintenance and management is annually around 50.000 euro. 4 persons are working to run the practice.

Evidence of success

in 2016, 8900 farmers benefiting from the measure and 1322 processors, 250 SMEs accessing to international markets. Since 2010 all the documentation regarding organic sector in Apulia region is managed but this system;
Increasing of demand to access to the database of the biobank ex. ferderBio in order to obtain info that could increase the performance of their platform .Increase of farmers demands to add new sections on the platform. It means that they trust the system and finds it valid.

Difficulties encountered

The main obstacle is the unsettled annual budget dedicated to the management of the Observatory that could be resolved through a new Organic Action Plan.

Potential for learning or transfer

This system is already replicated as it was requested to be developed for 2 other regions Veneto and Lazio.
It could be interesting to be replicated in other countries because it is set up to be personalized at interface level (language) as well as functions. For example the versions personalized for the regions of Veneto and Lazio are with modifications.
This initiative was organized at regional level and the high adhesion of stakeholders is an indicator of its efficiency and importance. Its replicability is interesting as virtually it can connect stakeholders.

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Main institution
ciheam bari
Puglia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2007
End Date


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