The serious game "challenge renovation" allows to interact with the general public on the issues of global retrofitting.
The serious game "challenge renovation" allows to interact with the general public on the issues of global retrofitting: with what technical means to achieve satisfactory levels of performance, for which economic and environmental impacts? This motivating animation tool is intended to illustrate the fact that low consumption is achievable in renovation.
Via a tablet and upstream of its renovation process, the user projects himself virtually in the realization of his works. Thanks to a visualization of the evolution of his project, he can perceive the conditions of implementation of the equipment he selects, visualize the defects on a digital model and simulate thermal losses and energy savings. It thus benefits from a first approach for its technical and financial choices. During the simulation, an energy consultant contacts the user. He shows him the limits of the program and personalizes the necessary accompaniment to optimize his choices.
This pedagogical device of diagnosis makes it possible to apprehend the renovation of a type of house predominant in Normandy: of the 70s in cinder block, little insulated and heated with fuel oil. It gives readability to the objectives of low-energy renovation and brings the citizens to take their first steps towards their realisation.
• Main beneficiaries : owners of a house to be renovated
• Main stakeholders : EIE / ADEME / Region Normandie

Resources needed

• Involvement of 4 info-energy advisors and 2 computer engineers
• Realisation of the stand (model of a house, tablet, software, big screen, shelf and kakemonos : 27 005.68E including taxes.
• an info-energy advisor, the material above and 1 electric connection

Evidence of success

No evaluation neither feedback form have been made, however, this game is a good medium for raising the public awareness about energetic renovation issues.
French Journées du Patrimoine have been an occasion for the French Minister of ecology to appoint the tablet as an innovating tool ; we have been asked a transfer of it by different bodies (French government, “espaces info-énergie”, energy bodies, European partners like Local Energy Agency)

Difficulties encountered

Initially the objective was to attract people to the stands and to differentiate public from commercial services. As such, it has not proved its effectiveness. Originally, a physical model came with the software: it has been set aside because it does not provide the additional illustration expected.

Potential for learning or transfer

The success factors are related to the didactic spirit of the material, support to the meeting between advisers and interested persons. It is a simple and very suitable learning tool for a public asking for technical advice in favor of energy and financial savings; It must be used in the presence of a specialized facilitator who supports the applicant's approach.
However, its current version suffers from a lack of possible parameters: work on calculations and the specific heritage and climatic characteristics of the different territories should be considered before thinking of a transposition.
This game allows to illustrate technical problems or local pathologies associated with the renovation of energy. It can be used to educate schoolchildren; be associated in free use with a territorial platform for energy renovation, an exhibition or a website in order to put potential beneficiaries of renovation aids in situation.
Main institution
SCIC les 7 Vents
Alsace, France
Start Date
January 2013
End Date
October 2014


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