In July 2016 Tuscany Region decided to invest ca. 34 million of euro in the call "POR CReO FESR 2014-2020 Energy Efficiency Projects in public buildings".
Tuscany Region approved the call "POR CReO ERDF 2014-2020 - Energy efficiency projects for public buildings" the 30 of July, 2017.
The call allocated resources of € 34,000,000.00, raised to 53M, for local authorities (Municipalities, Provinces, Unions of Municipalities and Metropolitan City) and for Local Health Authorities and Hospitals.
The Call supports promotion of eco-efficiency and reduction of primary energy consumption in public buildings and structures: renovation of individual buildings or building complexes, installation of intelligent telecontrol systems, regulation, management, monitoring and optimization of smart buildings and polluting emissions through the use of technology mixes; Energy efficiency measures for public buildings and public facilities and integration with renewable sources. The Call supports interventions for the energy efficiency of public buildings and the reduction of primary energy consumption in buildings and public buildings.
The interventions must be consistent with the provisions of Community, national and regional regulations in force and based on the findings of energy diagnosis. Energy efficiency measures will be eligible for financing on existing public buildings, which will include energy saving and reduction of climatic gas emissions. Investment projects are funded in the form of a capital contribution of up to 80% of eligible expenditure. Next Autumn the funds will be assigned to the winners.

Resources needed

53 million Euro, a Tuscany Region Staff with 5 people, the Rebus Project Staff (5 people), Tuscany Energy Consortium staff (three people).

Evidence of success

Tuscany Region, with the support of Rebus, planned 10 stakeholders meeting, 9 with local authorities, 1 with Health Authorities, to present the call. In October ‘18, the amount of financing raised to 53.262,194,55€. 295 projects were submitted, 266 admitted, for a total requested contribution of 97,773,369.77€ (243 for local authorities, 23 for Health Authorities).
35 projects have already been financed: 5 from Health services (10.412.410,90€) and 30 from local authorities (10.412.410,90€).

Difficulties encountered

We noted a huge difference between the potential beneficiaries of the call. The Health Authorities have well trained technicians, but local authorities are at very different step about energy efficiency, and it seems difficult that all of them will reach a good planning in a few months.

Potential for learning or transfer

There is a great potential for learning or transfer: the political decision to invest a considerable amount of resources in energy efficiency of public buildings is really important, as the definition of common criteria to judge the projects.

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Main institution
Florentine Energy Agency (FEA)
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2017
End Date


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