Establishment of the Innovation Centre of Usti Region by 3 founders: Ústí Region, UJEP University and Regional Chamber of Commerce of Usti Region.
There was no institution in the Ústí Region comprehensive supporting the innovation activities of SMEs before three institutions, the Ústí Region, University UJEP and the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Usti Region established the Innovation Centre of Ústí Region. The Innovation Centre started with 2 part-time employees when founded and has grown to the current 13 employees, both full-time and part-time. The purpose of ICUK is to build effective cooperation in the framework of its members by systematic institutional support of research and development activities in the Usti region, apply it to practice and to ensure continued support for innovative activities in the sphere of application, technology transfer, as well as promote cross-border cooperation between research institutions and enterprises. The aim is to support the intensity, quality and speed of innovation and technology transfer into the economic practice of the region. In terms of human resources this practice requires top skilled experts.

Resources needed

Financial resources required for implementation of the practice are submitted as membership contributions of the founders. The annual budget covered by the founders is about EUR 120 000, additional resources are provided by projects and by providing paid services.

Evidence of success

A success is illustrated by the number of supported projects and provided services. Founded in November 2015, for the year 2016, 21 events were organized with more than 850 participants, the first run of the incubation programme was launched with the result of 3 new enterprises founded, and 15 partnerships between companies and universities were supported.

Difficulties encountered

It is hard to find skilled experts for the positions in this type of organization.

Potential for learning or transfer

The good practice is usefull for learning and transfer to similar regions without any specialized institution comprehensive supporting the innovation activities of SMEs.

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Main institution
Regional Development Agency f Usti Region, PLC
Severozápad, Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
Start Date
February 2014
End Date


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