RegioFair Bio Zentralschweiz was founded in 2009 with the aim to develop a business model for SMEs in the agricultural sector manufacturing organic products.
RegioFair stands for organic and fair food produced in Central Switzerland. The products origin from around 100 organic farmers and processors from a clearly defined region. The marketing platform was founded in 2009 by the organic farmers associations of the region of Central Switzerland. Given the fact that about one third of organic product sales in Switzerland originates from foreign countries, the platform can be considered as a countermeasure to the fact that consumers have less and less connection to the origin of healthy products.
The brand is special for its high quality products, which are all regional, seasonal and organic, as well as for its unique marketing concept. The Swiss organic farmers association (Bio Suisse) acknowledged this by awarding the organization the first prize of the Bio Suisse Grand Prix 2017. RegioFair keeps control of its product range from the farm to the store shelf: The products are only sold through their own independent trading platform and they are sold exclusively to qualified retailers. They collaborate with specialized organic shops as well as health food shops throughout German-speaking Switzerland. Visitors, consumers and producers can get a better understanding of the underlying values of organic and sustainable agriculture, of how food it produces food and which actors are involved.

Resources needed

Private Foundation: 9 Mio. CHF
National Funding: 1.2 Mio. CHF

Evidence of success

- ca. 100 suppliers participating from the region (farmers, processors, etc.)
- ca. 180 customers
- ca. 1500 products

Potential for learning or transfer

If money meets enthusiasm, great things can happen. The project is successful, because there was money to invest in buildings and infrastructure, as well as support by Regional Funds. Organic market in Switzerland is dominated by two retailers and their industrial production. There is little space to develop alternatives. Limits are also set by logistic challenges. Products can be delivered in an 1 hour drive to the most big cities in german speaking Switzerland. So there is place for at most 2-3 such projects in our country. This might be different in other market structures in other European regions. The most important thing for the success are human ressources. Key factor are people, ready to live for their ideas, their convictions, and to work without time limits.

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Main institution
RegioFair Agrovision Zentralschweiz AG
Zentralschweiz, Switzerland (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Liviu Ionut Banescu

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