Implementation and the extension of WEEE collection in collaboration with some Municipalities of the Region, managed by waste management company CEM Ambiente
The main objective of the project is the extension within the territory of CEM Ambiente of the collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) from Domestic Utilities (Citizens), in particular including the collection of some specific equipments (Large Aplliances) and receiving WEEE from distribution. Cem Ambiente is a waste management company, owned by 49 municipalities in Lombardy, with 40 collection facilities. These activities request analysies of technical and normative contest and meetings with distribution operators and authorities, to overcome authorization limits.
The activities are very different: logistics analysis, meetings with local authorities for authorization subject and documentation review, meetings with municipalities to explain the project and the rules of the new type of collection. This project allows to analyze and solve the bureaucratic and operational local practices related to the authorization for the collection of household WEEE.
The collection points, at the end all this activity, are provided for free with load units to collect WEEE.

Resources needed

100000 euro

Evidence of success

The aim has been reached and the project allowed to offer a better and completed service to citizens and distributors. Now in the collection facilities managed by CEM Ambiente is possible to collect all WEEE from Domestic Utilities. These collection points received cointainers to collect WEEE, and a free service of collection and transport to the final treatment plants.

Potential for learning or transfer

The value of the project is a carefull regulatory application,
an help with bureaucratic formalities, and an intervention with authorities to realize all the planned collection opportunities, so as to increase WEEE collection. Authorization adjustments have been requested for each municipalities, and, if necessary, meetings have been conducted to explain specific needs. The problems related to the storage have been solved by authorization additions, obtained after bureaucratic processes and technical meetings.
Main institution
Centro di Coordinamento RAEE
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
November 2013
End Date
November 2014


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