The building consists of a single building body divided into: - Primary school of 1700 m²; - Nursery school about 300 m²; - Gymnasium 780 m² approx.
The following interventions have been carried out:
A. Photovoltaic solar power plant, power output of 30 kWp, capable of satisfy the energy needs of users in all and / or in part.
B. Building a solar thermal system by installing 27 manifolds solar thermal systems for forced circulation.
C. Interventions on the envelope of buildings, in order to promote energy efficiency and energy saving also by reducing the thermal transmittance of the constituent elements of the enclosure:
• Replacement of part of the exterior window;
• Insulation of the skylights for covering and replacing metallic domes;
D. Renewal and replacement of plants in order to promote energy efficiency and energy saving:
• installation of an optimized heat pump for 102 kW thermal power heating that works in an integrated way to existing boilers by means of two large 2000 liter volumetric flanges each.
• Installation of 3 AIR / AIR heat pumps with direct expansion for downstairs offices.
E. Installation of two 80 kW condensing cascade boilers dedicated to the gym and the production of hot water. The boiler works in integrated way to the solar thermal system by taking the preheated water from the 1500 liter boiler and raising the temperature to the design flow.
F. Replacement of production plant for the production of sanitary hot water with the 80 kW condensing boilers previously described that work integrated with solar thermal system.

Resources needed

The investment of this project was: € 516.486,00

Evidence of success

annual output of the photovoltaic system: 36,700 kWh / Year.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is replicable in other buildings throughout the region. Both in private and in public buildings like this one.
Organizations involved learned the financial and reporting methodology required by European programming, making it easier to implement future projects
Main institution
Lazio Region
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date
April 2015


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