It consisted in the construction of a subsidized Public Residential Building for no. 48 lodgings.
It consisted in the construction of a subsidized Public Residential Building for no. 48lodgings. As part of this intervention, a parking lot outside the batch was also provided, and an eco-friendly island for the separate collection of municipal waste.
For both interventions, a particular attention has been paid to the construction of buildings with a high degree of thermal insulation and a compact structure with high performance systems.
an external Thermal Coating System (thermal coat) has been designed with 8 cm thick polystyrene panels, with thermal conductivity: 0.04 W / mK. Installazion characterizes the building in an important way. Controlled mechanical ventilation system is provided to take maximum advantage both in economic terms and especially in environmental well-being by a primary natural element such as air. It is a controlled mechanical ventilation system that is thought centralized for each scale body. The ventilation units of the semi-centralized plant are located in the roof, while the air recovery plant is placed in vertical technical joints for the upright columns. Geothermal plant. A heat pump system that, unlike conventional fossil fuel boilers, draws the latent thermal energy present in the soil (geothermal). While traditional boilers can only achieve an energy efficiency (COP) of less than 1, the heat pump system has COP values equal to or greater than 4. This results in lower primary fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Particular attention

Resources needed

Porta Nord I Stralcio:
total QTE amount: € .4,076,394.16
Amount of net work: € .2.539.375,19
Entity of yard in men / day: 5881

Porta Nord II Stralcio:
total QTE amount: € 3.721.130,10
Amount of net work: € 2,896,428.40
Yards of the yard in men / day: 5324

Evidence of success

COP = Heat output (KW) / Power absorbed power (KW) =
38.96 / 9.01 = 4.32
Potential extract (KW) = Potential heat output (KW) - Power consumption (KW) = 38.96 - 9.01 = 29.95 (KW)
EPgl = 27.00 kWh / mq year
EPi for heating = 12,800 kWh / mq year
• EPaks for sanitary hot water = 14,313 kWh / m² year
Therefore the global performance EPgl = EPi + EPacs.

Potential for learning or transfer

FUOCO ARIA TERRA WATER. They are the natural elements that are the basis: Fire is the sun that provides primary energy for the photovoltaic plant; Air is the primary element which, thanks to the mechanical ventilation controlled in the individual housing, guarantees the salubility of the same and the ideal microclimate; Earth is the primary element from which the heat pump, through probes, captures latent thermal energy (geothermal energy) by extracting enough heat to adequately heat the housing; Water is the primary element recovered from the rain and treated, is collected in storage tanks and reused, reducing fuel consumption.

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Main institution
Lazio Region
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
September 2012
End Date
September 2017


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