The project consists of the energy efficiency of the Municipal Indoor sports arena of the Municipality of Montefiascone, located in Via Giuseppe Contadini.
The efficiency of the arena was achieved through the following workings:
1. photovoltaic system on the roof of the sports hall. 168 indoor cover panels for a total of 43.68 Kwatts.
2. Thermal insulation of the cover, obtained by laying and fixing of insulated sandwich panels, with a total thickness of 80mm, made of double sheet steel galvanized steel of 0.5 mm top, and with interposed sintered polystyrene with thermal conductivity λ ≤ 0.038 W / m°K.
3. Thermal insulation of the flat cover of the dressing rooms, made in laterocement with overlying concrete marmite flooring. The thermal coibentetura is obtained in intradosso by means of a false ceiling made of insulating panels for internal insulation, in expanded polyurethane thermal conduction λ ≤ 0.026W / m ° K.
4. Replacement of exterior doors and thresholds with new thermal cut-outs made with extruded profiles in natural anodised aluminum, of the same color as the original fixtures, with 65-75 mm profile thickness, complete with: Ug glass panel <1.7 W / mqK - metallic countertop, air permeability class A3, waterproof class 9A and thermal transmittance 1,9 <Uk <W / mqK; Rw> 40dB.
5. Coat outer thermal insulation at the sports hall, obtained on the exterior walls by insulating material, and 13 mm thick coated plasterboards with aluminum foil function as vapor barrier, fixed to the walls by metal structure , made of expanded polystyrene panels, class 1 fire resistance, conforming to UNI 7819: thermal conductivity λ ≤ 0.

Resources needed

The investment of this project was: € 482.625,00 €

Evidence of success

The investment produced the following results
- saved energy;
- installed power for new renewable energy installations;
- improvement of the building's energy class;
- reduction of current expenditure costs for property managers;
Savings from the whole heating operation:
• Useful thermal energy needs for heating ante operam 964,737.38 MJ
• Useful thermal energy needs for heating post operam 437,988.27 MJ
• Savings for annual needs 526.749,11 MJ

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is replicable in other buildings throughout the region. Both in private and in public buildings like this one.
Organizations involved learned the financial and reporting methodology required by European programming, making it easier to implement future projects.
Main institution
Lazio Region
Lazio, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date
April 2015


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