The project tackles the issue of SMEs internationalisation by organising regional stands at international trade/investment fairs and promotion of regional brand
Gospodarna Wielkopolska project is addressed to Wielkopolska's SMEs representing smart specialisation areas and business environment institutions. Actions are taken within 3 fields:
1. Economic promotion - participation with SMEs in international trade fairs organised outside European markets to present region's economic potential and to strengthen Wielkopolska's image of attractive economic partner. The field also consists of preparation of selected foreign markets analyses.
2. Investment promotion - assumes presentation of investment sites, real estates and projects as well as promotion of Wielkopolska as a region with great economic potential, investors-friendly and offering well developed transport infrastructure, rich scientific and research facilities, qualified staff and stable development conditions. For these purposes: regional stands (with a participation of local self-governments, their associations and companies, also special economic zones) are organised at most important investment fairs, Electronic Database of Investment Areas of the Wielkopolska Region (eBOI) is maintained and a brochure "Invest in Wielkopolska" has been developed.
3. Wielkopolska Brand building - constituting an element integrating all promotional activities realised within the project. In the framework of the Brand a visual identification and certification systems were created. The field includes image and promotion campaign, also at international events.

Resources needed

Total value of the project is over 20 milion PLN of which the amount of funding is almost 17 milion PLN. The project encompasses i.a. costs of participation in 45 trade fair events and preparation of 6 analyses of selected markets. Team of 6 specialists deals with project management.

Evidence of success

The project is ongoing, the end of the project is planned for 2021. So far about 80 Wielkopolska’s SMEs participated in 20 regional stands at trade fair events, next 25 events will be organised till 2021. 3 analyses of selected foreign markets were obtained, next 3 are expected to be ordered. Internet site eBOI serves potential investors. System of region’s brand visual identification is widely used for domestic and foreign activities

Difficulties encountered

SMEs representing some smart specialisation areas are not interested in taking part in regional stands at trade fair events outside Europe.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice might be interesting for regions willing to promote outside European market, not only in terms of economic promotion but also more generally - in terms of brand building. The approach of "Gospodarna Wielkopolska" gathers in one project all promotional activities addressed outside Europe, enables for cooperation between regional authority, SMEs and business environment institutions. All these entities benefit from the project's success. Experience gained by trade fairs participants improves effectiveness of enterprises, which influences indirectly regional economy.
The practice was a subject of transfer workshop organised on 19th June 2018 in Bologna, Italy . The results of the workshop will be included in Local Action Plan prepared by hosting partner: ERVET SpA.

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Main institution
Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan
Wielkopolskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
December 2015
End Date


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