IWALK makes a meeting of the past and the future in the present through modern information technologies of digitization, VR and Augment reality.
IWALK.BG – 3D tourist and educational platform with a main purpose and strategy - digitization of cultural and historical sites, museums, cultural monuments and all valuable objects and jewels reflecting the spirit and the imprint of history. The conceptual design involves filling geographic maps with digitized objects. Building mobile applications and in general IWALK is a new way of presenting the culture and history of the world.
The vision of the platform itself is a 3D graphics with a strikingly fabulous styling and practically unlimited possibilities for presenting objects (cultural and historical monuments, wineries, restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc.) through multimedia. The presentation includes:
 3D graphic image with text
 Audio record with voice-over and music
 Video in different variations, depending on the specific subject
 Virtual and augment reality
IWALK - Single multimedia platform offering:
 Unlimited combinations of 3D graphics, audio and video
 Submission of notifications for nearby objects by tracking the GPS coordinates of the tourist
 Recovering destroyed historical objects through 3D virtual reality
 Creating a completely new experience by restoring historical events through augment reality

Resources needed

4-6 persons professionally trained, with well-established business plan for 2-4 years. IWALK measures the resources in the qualification of people, public significance, the scale of the project and, lastly, the financial resource. For 100 objects - 180 - 200 000 €

Evidence of success

IWALK.BG - a 3D tourism and educational platform with UN World Prize nomination in “Culture and Tourism” category.
Tourists enjoy our products and facilities throughout Bulgaria - holographic images of many monuments and archeological sites as well as the incredible magnetic cards from which the cultural and historical objects come to life, like holographic images.

Difficulties encountered

The biggest challenge is to persuade people of all generations about the significance and future of digitization and to make them experience the need for it themselves.
Hard work with archaeologists on restoration of destroyed objects.

Potential for learning or transfer

IWalk platform is based entirely online and enables the user to get acquainted with Bulgaria's cultural and historical monuments, nature landmarks, flora, fauna, our great personalities through virtual walks, 3D recoveries, interactive multimedia and all of this presented in 3D graphical environment.
The Iwalk platform can be transferred and used for each country. A great interest in our products is shown by large companies, institutions and organizations outside the country. We are ready to work on projects around the world.

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Main institution
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
May 2015
End Date


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