Promote forest management Create local employment Forest products optimization through classification Forest biomass as bioenergy Transition to low-carbon
The project implies:
1.Global forests management, from the harvesting planning until the delivery at the mill site.
2.Optimization of the wood products obtained through their classification.
3.Consumption of obtained biomass by local demand.
7 forest municipalities have become members of an association with the aim of creating jobs and managing 16,000 ha of public forest.
Forest products are not sold on the stump, as usual, but classified and delivery at the mill site. Harvesting operations are paid according to wood products obtained with the aim of adding more value to the chain. Only wood without any other possible commercial use is classified as biomass.
The local demand for biomass has been promoted through 2 actions:
1.Installation of 13 biomass boilers that supply heat to 32 municipal facilities in 6 municipalities part of the association, with a 4.3 MW power capacity and a consumption of 1,350 tons/year of high quality woodchips. This activity generates consumption during cold months.
2.Construction of an heat generation center in an industrial district for industrial applications. Two 2.3 MW boilers for heat generation, between 80° and 290°, and a woodchips consumption estimated around 7,500 t/year. This activity generates consumption throughout the year.
All processes are managed by the Association of Berguedà municipalities, together with the Catalan forest services.
Definitely, a local virtuous loop of supply and demand for zero mile bioenergy is closed

Resources needed

Forest management: 1 technician
Boilers & equipments costs are directly paid by services subscribers through annual fee
The Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona County Council & the Association of Berguedà Municipalities have contributed to the 2.5 MioEUR cost for the industrial district heating

Evidence of success

40 jobs have been created in the county. Forest operations run on a regular basis, not on a seasonal one as in the past. Furthermore, with higher specialization and better skills.
Around 400 ha/yr of forests are managed and 12,000 tons/yr of wood are harvested Actually, the quantity and quality of forest products obtained is better than in the past.
At the present, biomass boilers related to this projects sum a total 8.9 MW capacity.

Difficulties encountered

A new system of forest operations and a new biomass consumption infrastructure focused on a product with low economic benefits, requires a deep mind-set change for local stakeholders.
Most of the efforts have come from small local entities, established in a rural area, without so much resources.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project has a great potential for learning and transfer:
It is important to underline that owners (public and private) cooperation can generate projects encouraging the forest sector development and strengthening the forest value chain.
Main institution
Association of Berguedà municipalities
Cataluña, Spain (España)
Start Date
September 2016
End Date


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