ANDA is a mobile ticketing system for the Metropolitan Area of Porto, using an ex-post billing that optimizes the cost of using public transport.
The main objective of the project ANDA is to simplify the experience of using the public transport in the Metropolitan Area of Porto, particularly to those who do not use the public transport today because they do not want to overcome the "know how" barrier.
In fact, the intermodal ticketing system of public transport in the metropolitan area of Porto is considered complex by a significant part of the population, due in particular to a complex zoning system (47 zones) and a complex intermodal tariff.
With ANDA, the passenger just have to install the ANDA APP in the mobile phone to be able to use the public transport and s/he will receive the bill afterwards, accordingly to the trips s/he makes each month (post-billing), applying the tariff combination that is most favourable for the passenger (spot price).
In that way, the passenger doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge about the rules (tariffs, zones, values) of the intermodal system.
Other important strategic objective of the project is that ANDA can be used in the near future as a “Mobility as Service (MaaS)”.

Main stakeholders involved: Transportes Intermodais do Porto; Porto Metropolitan Area; Transport Operators; University of Porto.

Resources needed

The overall investment associated with the design, development and installation of the ANDA system is approximately EUR 2 million, partially funded by the Environmental Fund of the Ministry of the Environment.

Evidence of success

A set of Focus Group sessions, carried out with test clients of the pilot project, allowed to confirm the starting premises of the ANDA project all of them highly valued.
(i) the use of smartphones as support for transport tickets,
(ii) post-billing (account based), and
(iii) cost optimization.
Number of adhesions from 29th of June to 04th of July: more than 7.000.

Difficulties encountered

Technological difficulties: compatibility with legacy ticketing system, coexistence of several versions of the operating systems (android 5 to 8) and different smartphone skins. Public transport rules: operators considered the need to keep the validation rule every time a passenger boards a vehicle

Potential for learning or transfer

The ANDA APP is a solution that really simplify the mobility:
- a single invoice at the end of the month, benefiting from the adjusted fares according to the real use;
- passengers do not need to have any knowledge concenring the tariff system;
- the possibility to join more services like car-sharing, bike sharing, park & ride, taxi….
- the possibility to reward the users for their choices in mobility.

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Main institution
Transportes Intermodais do Porto
Norte, Portugal
Start Date
July 2018
End Date


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