Promote accessibility and use of Po Delta Park with a programme of interventions were carried aimed at enhancing the practice of "birdwatching"
Following the goal of the LAG to promote accessibility and use of Po Delta Park, a programme of interventions were carried aimed at enhancing the practice of "birdwatching" by visitors.
The programme led to the realization of several actions (small infrastructures, supporting services) with the aim of creating integrated bundles of quality experiences for birdwatchers. 24 Sites were set-up for birdwatching with observation point, dedicated paths, visitor centres, binocular rental, didactic room for school and children.
The most significant projects realized during last years - realized by private and public (e.g. municipalities) are connected with: creation of paths, investments in infrastructure and light interventions to support the bird product, improve the services for tourist connected with bird and environemental offer, set-up of watchtower was included to allow the observation of the many species of birds of the lagoon; organisation of international events as the International Birdwtaching Fair.
The construction of a new ecotourism product – birdwatching - was the first example of an integrated project between private (local farms) and public (Municipalities and Po Delta Park) through a participatory approach.
The main objective was to promote Po Delta area as an international destination for birdwatchers. Given the success of the project, it was able to increase the business of farms and private tourist operators.

Resources needed

own resourse, LEADER programme .

Evidence of success

The farmers offering accommodation and meal have grown in the 10 years by 50% ; ecotourism arrival in Po Delta area has grown by 33%; More money spent in the Po Delta area; More income for the farmer and tourist companies; More young people involved in the delivery of the product.
With reference to the internation PO DELTA BIRD FAIR organized by DELTA 2000: 120 exhibitors, 32,000 visitors in 3 days, 500 participants in photo contest; 5,000 students in didactic laboratories, 10,000 visitors.

Difficulties encountered

Economic sustainability of the Exhibition event. Po Delta Birdwatching Fair is not yet self-financed but need public funds. The challenge is to increase the financial support of the most important exhibition in Italy of the segment, through the participation of companies active in outdoor activities

Potential for learning or transfer

key Success Factors:
1. Projects/actions aimed at enhancing the experience of Po Delta Park (construction of paths, observation points, etc.) for different segments: expert birdwatchers, families, schools, etc.
2. Construction of supporting services (transport, guided excursions) and offers for attracting visitors to the practice;
3. Environmental education: projects and initiatives to raise awareness and inform children of the territory on biodiversity and the existence/role of Po Delta Park;
4. Promotional actions aimed to position Po Delta as a tourist destination at the international level;
5. Official Recognition of Comacchio as birdwatching city by LIPU – italian League for the Protection of Birds.
Innovation elements: the promotion of typical products of the Park: integration of birdwatching experience with with food&wine and arts&craft
Main institution
DELTA 2000 Soc. cons. a r.l.
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
April 2004
End Date


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