A coworking space, with a baby care area, that offers opportunities for a professional and personal growth and work-life balance solutions.
Spazio Co-Stanza is the first coworking space offering childcare in Florence that responds to the ambitious challenge of combining and integrating professional, cultural and wellness services in one place, thanks to the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals.
We offer NEW ENTREPRENEURS, especially women, the support to the creation, launch and development of social innovation projects and the entrepreneurial ideas submitted, are carefully assessed and monitored in terms of competitiveness.
Given the multi-functionality of CO-STANZA and the specificity of the reference target, the other co-working spaces and nurseries already present in town have been transformed into potential stakeholders - public and private. This cooperation can be applied to those partners that have a more specific (or entirely) economic, financial or patrimonial interest (that means closely connected with balance and performance) – as the idea is certainly innovative, scalable and replicable -, but also to those that have a strictly social interest, often even more decisive for the success or failure of the initiative. Therefore CO-STANZA does not compete with existing markets but has created an unexplored one, accessing a new demand area, creating added value and and minimizing competition.

Resources needed

Spazio Co-Stanza is nourished by a human capital that decided to invest part of its professional life in integrated social projects to develop. Four figures permanently work to coordinate and support all the proposals, throughout a prototype realization and market validation.

Evidence of success

- The creation of a multidisciplinary working group (currently 21 professionals) collaborating on the development of the individual and well-being of families;
- About 500 families and over 3000 individuals have already improved their personal and professional quality of life
- A Psycho-Solidarity Center has been created to fill the gap between the request for help and the effective present intervention, in terms of timing, organization and costs
- About 50 micro-projects already incubated

Difficulties encountered

In the approach with companies, the main challenge consists in approving forms of smart working in a coworking space.

Potential for learning or transfer

- The versatility of the space in terms of environment and users and the diversity of services provided fulfills the needs of a wide community, in terms of age, interests, social and economic class.
- The investment mainly consists in human capital.
- The services are complementary and can be integrated to the existing public offer. Tuscany Region plays a major role as a pivotal stakeholder, in terms of policies, indeed, the Region manages vouchers and incentives encourage independent professionals to access co-working spaces and it also allocates vouchers to support families in terms of childcare (ex. Babysitting, nursery schools, etc.).
- The fields of intervention are dynamic and can be constantly renewed, according to the needs.

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Main institution
Associazione Co-Cò Spazio Co-STANZA
Toscana, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2015
End Date


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