Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a unique ecosysem for open innovation in the domains of performance, biobased and biomedical materials + R&D enabling processes.
Brightlands Chemelot Campus was founded as a triple-helix initiative by the province of Limburg, Royal DSM and Maastricht University to create an environment of Research and Business co-operation to face the challenges in the chemical industry in the region.
Brightlands Chemelot Campus, together with the adjacent Chemelot Industrial Park, is one of the largest chemical and materials communities in Europe (8 km2) with more than 150 companies and a history of over 100 years. Its unique strong points are founded on world leading business positions and the associated unique knowledge in the field of performance materials, biobased chemistry and materials, biomedical materials and R&D enabling competences including process technology and analytical chemical expertises.

Brightlands Chemelot Campus has a broad mix of tenants, consisting of world leading multinationals, innovative SMEs, high-potential start-ups, public-private knowledge institutes and educational institutions at academic, undergraduate and further education levels, plus a group of specialist service providers.

The Campus is an open innovation ecosystem in which the many forms of cooperation between tenants are all focused on accelerating innovation and business growth on the one hand, and creating synergistic value on the other. For each unique business and knowledge domain a public-private knowledge institute has been founded, at which businesses and universities develop valorizable knowledge on campus.

Resources needed

The three founding fathers provide funds as shareholders for exploitation costs based on a 10-years agreement (2012-2023), that mount up to € 4.5 million per year.

Evidence of success

Targets are set for the 10-year funding period, which are monitored continuously. Main targets are number of knowledge workers (target in 2023 2,900; current number over 1,900), number of students (target 2023 1,000; current number over 750) and number of multinational/SME/Science tenants (target 2023 117; current number over 80).

Potential for learning or transfer

Brightlands Chemelot Campus has been visited by other chemical regions in the S3Chem project. The project partners were impressed by the dynamic development and were discussing cooperation potential between companies and research institutes in the partner regions.
One actual co-operation with respect to 3D-printing of thermoplastic composites has already been established between Brightlands Material Center (BMC) and Fraunhofer IMWS in Halle - Saxony-Anhalt (D) .

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Main institution
Chemelot Campus BV
Limburg (NL), Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
July 2012
End Date


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