ENERTIC is a bioclimatic character building, that meets the maximum parameters of Energy Efficiency, and fosters the use of renewable energies.
Enertic, a nearly zero emissions building, is Enterprise and Sectorial Innovation Center to give support and to promote companies from ICT, Energy Efficiency and Smart sectors of San Sebastian. Its objective is to join forces and stimulate cooperation between the companies and agents of this sector, turning the center into a space of consolidation, growth and creativity in the generation of new employment opportunities that strengthen the local economy and to promote energy efficiency.
It is located in the biggest Industrial Park of the city, which is composed with traditional sector companies. It has been erected as an icon of this industrial park, as a reference for the renovation of this area: from a traditional industrial sector to a Green Innovative Smart economy. Therefore, Enertic can be highlighted as the main evidence of district capacity towards the transition to a Smart City.
The building has been designed with energy-conscious parameters, with the aim of reducing its energy demand and relying on renewable sources. So, different measures has been considered: orientation, ventilation, natural lighting, solar heating, green wall system, green roof, etc. Moreover, several renewable energy features has been considered: geothermal, main heating/cooling system, heat pump to complete heat/cooling demand, cogeneration, photovoltaic panels, wind turbine an bioswalle to reuse rain water for the toilets on the building and a waste water treatment plant.

Resources needed

The building overall cost is 8,6 millions €, cofunded by the following entities:
- 2,5 millions € Interreg POCTEFA – Territorial Cooperation Operational Program Spain-France-Andorra 2007-2013
- 288.000€ funding + 2 millions € loan (0% interest) Plan Avanza, Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry

Evidence of success

Reduction of energy usage and renewable energy promotion has permitted to raise awareness to citizens, companies and municipality.
Collaboration among agents of sector has fostered new business opportunities and strengthens of local economy, moving from traditional sector towards cutting-edge strategic sector. A good example of this is the location of i-Sare an experimental and innovative microgrid project installed in ENERTIC.

Potential for learning or transfer

Enertic builiding's sustainbaility approach has been widely recognized. It has generate high interest and expectations on the society and so, plenty of visits and events are held in Enertic. Visists from universities, research centres, companies, high schools, public administration and groups of interest are received regularly having local, national and international visitors.
Enertic serves as a demostrator for the public administration as a good practice of a bioclimatic building that can serve as a repliction model for the transition to a more sustainable and energy efficient buildings, having the public administration in the lead on the application of energy efficiency measures.
Another learning space worth mentioning is i-Sare. An experimental and innovative microgrid project installed in ENERTIC building, supported by Fomento de San Sebastian, Regional Government, regional cluster, industrial companies and research centres.
Main institution
País Vasco, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date
December 2014


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