The practise offers competence in digital possibilities and strategies and in online/digital visibility for small- and medium-scaled rural based businesses.
The practise aimed at increasing digital skills in smes in rural areas in Trøndelag.
The project recruited 100 companies to participate in a serie of courses.

There was a problem that companies lacked competence about possibilitites within the digital economy, had limited marketing skills and that they did not have a digital strategy.

An objective was to make sure that the companies have made a digital strategy within the project period, set objectives when it comes to digital visibility and have good knowledge about digital tools.

The course was introduced and implemented by the business-gardens, and organized as 6 afternoon-courses close to the location of the companies that participated.

Resources needed

80 000 euros in public funding. Total funding 180 000 euros including participation fee and a contribution from a local business bank. The main project leader was in a 50% position, and the resources included local management at three other places, that added up to a 50% position.

Evidence of success

The companies reported that they have started to develop a digital strategy for their own company, and that they have learned enough to use some of the tools they have learned about in the project. The companies have also gained better expertise to order services from relevant bureaus with digital marketing skills

Potential for learning or transfer

The project has managed to engage the small- and medium-scaled rural based businesses in our region, and raised awareness about digital possibilities. The project has also contributed in how to handle this issue in different companies. The local based business-gardens play a key role as Intermediates, and other regions could learn more about their role in this kind of project. The business-gardens involved have also managed to develop a network of suppliers of digital competence, and teached the local companies about how to order external expertise in their development work.
Main institution
Nasjonalparken business-garden
Trøndelag, Norway (Norge)
Start Date
July 2018
End Date


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