The Patents and Knowledge Bank programme brings together the best technologies and research entities to facilitate industrial and service sector transfer.
Valencia Region has five public universities and a great number of R&D&i institutions. However, their results hardly reach the economy and the consumer due, among other reasons, to a scattered technology offer and a productive structure where 95.5% of enterprises are SMEs, with less than 50 employees.

The Patent Bank consists of a website ( and a whole set of activities to attract SMEs, mainly technology transfer forums and brokerage events where the Patent Bank profits from the strong communication channels of the regional government. The webpage was launched as a platform to integrate any patent, development, capacity or research likely to be adopted by any company in its search for innovative tools that can help to improve its productivity and to become more competitive in an increasingly global environment.

The main stakeholders of the practice are the five public Universities of Valencia Region, Higher Council for Scientific Research, Prince Felipe Research Center, Network of Technological Institutes (REDIT), Valencian Institute for Agrarian Research (IVIA), Health Research Foundations INCLIVA and FISABIO and La Fe Hospital Health Research Institute (IIS LA FE). The beneficiaries are any enterprise, entrepreneur or entity interested in exploiting a patent or a capacity developed by the mentioned entities.

Resources needed

The practice involves partially the tasks of 3 members of staff and around 90.000 € yearly budget. Each University and research centre allocates the necessary technology transfer staff to their participation in the Patents and Knowledge programme.

Evidence of success

Currently, the Patents and Knowledge Bank has 147 patents classified according to the RIS3 axes. Patents and capacities obtained by the research entities involved in the programme can be found in the mentioned webpage.
As for number of visualization of the web site, in 2016 were accounted 18.151 entries, from 10 different countries, mainly from Europe and South America

Difficulties encountered

The main two difficulties for managing this initiative are to foster continually the use of the platform among companies and entrepreneurs and to participate or even organize regularly technology transfer events.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice can be easily transferred and provides as immediate positive results the coordination of public universities and research centres, the systematization of the information included and the collection of patents and capacities in the same online platform. The use of the webpage is very intuitive due to the pictures' gallery acting as access to information on each patent. There is also a direct contact to link interested beneficiaries to patents' providers.

Before the implementation of this platform a study on round 15 similar initiatives worldwide was made, including some from the European Union, like European Network of Living Labs, Euris programme and Openinnovation.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
April 2013
End Date


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