High protein level drink was developed from the dairy waste by the cooperation of members of the Agrofood Regional Cluster.
High protein level drink was developed from the dairy waste by the cooperation of SC Meotis SRL and IBA - National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources, both members of the Agrofood Regional Cluster. The new product is a perfect combination of the whey protein mixture which can be used by athletic persons, sportsmans and also in the whole fitness industry, but also solves one of the main problems of the dairy industry, the whey waste. The R&D project, which connects the agrifood sector with fitness and healthcare, was financed by the ERDF Funds. The total cost of the activities was 12.000 Euro with 10%. cofinance rate and the activities consisted of research and product development activities. The company started selling the products in special magazines but for the development of the biggest production line future funds are needed.
In Romania, the waste management foresees in that period of time of the introduction of new laws, and the SMEs started to pay attention to these future actions. The regulation was implemented by the Law 217/2016, which applies to all entities in the food industry and contains progressive measures aimed at preventing food waste. SC Meotis SRL also struggled with the main and biggest problem of the dairy sector, the very high protein content waste fluid, which one hand may be very harmful to the environment, but also contains the high-value part of the milk.

Resources needed

The total cost of the activities was around 12.000 Euro with 10%. cofinance rate. The main costs included the researcher's salary, the raw materials and engineering costs for planning the next production process. The waste fluid is the property of the company.

Evidence of success

The developed beverage is recommended for the sportsman, as well as for those who adopted a healthy lifestyle, pointing out that the high protein level helps improving health by as dietary supplements, specifically marketed to those involved in bodybuilding, weightlifting and athletics. Whey protein contains high levels of all the essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. It also has the highest content of the amino acid cysteine, which aids in the biosynthesis of glutathione.

Difficulties encountered

Finding the funds for collaboration, but real difficulty is to get a new funding option for the development of new production line. Also in Romania there is a small number of certificated research centres and even less highly qualified researchers.

Potential for learning or transfer

The GP’s most specific key is the open-minded cooperation will. In the region and also in the country the cooperation mentality is still at low level, and remain in the first place wich burden the cooperation mechanisms. Regional clusters in Romania can have a decisive role in empowering the cooperation between the stakeholders and between the sectors. By the support of the Agrofood Regional Cluster, other, very similar projects were implemented, as an example: high-level protein content drink development from dairy production waste by the same cooperation strategies. This clearly shows that the GP is a perfect example of further cooperation in the sector. In fact, after the implemented Gps, more cooperation started between other members of the cluster.
Main institution
The Association of Small and Medium Size Entreprises of the County of Covasna
Centru, Romania (România)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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