A participation process of business, science and stakeholders related to the Research and Innovation Strategy (RIS3) Schleswig-Holstein.
Within the six dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), “engagement” implies that answers to societal relevant challenges should respect all societal actors' perspectives. The transfer of scientific results from science & research to enterprises is one difficult task, but essential in times when innovation cycles become shorter and shorter.
The Innovation & Technology Forum Schleswig-Holstein is a result of the programming process for the European Regional Development Fund for Schleswig-Holstein and the respective development of the Research and Innovation Strategy (RIS3). To bring research institutes and companies closer together and to facilitate the innovation processes, the regional government decided in 2015 to set up an inter-ministerial working group of all the actors in ministries who have responsibilities in innovation processes, to establish a steering committee for technology transfer and innovation that includes stakeholders from e. g. scientific institutions, enterprises and environmental associations, trade unions and to organize an annual Innovation & Technology Forum event.

The fora themselves are an integrated part of the whole participation process. The format is consistently adapted and modified related to the specific topic and goal of the event. Keynote speeches, impulse speeches, several discussion platforms or workshop settings are the varying parts of the events.
In the project MARIE, the ITF.SH acts as one good practice example.

Resources needed

/ Responsible process facilitator needed (0.5 – 1 position)
/ approx. 10.000 € per forum

Evidence of success

/ Almost equal division of participants from business, science and public servants by more than 100 participants and at least one event per year
/ Qualified output and results from the meetings to be used in the follow-up process

Difficulties encountered

/ Attraction of especially SMEs, which mostly haven’t the capacities to invest into strategic future-oriented discussion fora
/ Consistent process of systematic engagement during the analysis, compiling of findings and output, feedback and communication, involvement into the solution phase

Potential for learning or transfer

A good practice to learn how exchange between business, science and the public authorities create added value and facilitate the regional innovation process.

More information about the project context of MARIE - MAinstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3 could be found at https://www.interregeurope.eu/marie/

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Main institution
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology, Land Schlesw
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Deutschland)
Start Date
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