Developing a national networking system in the field of polycentric development, by creating and training a national network of specialists in the field.
The main issue which the project addressed was the metropolitan development of major cities in Romania, and in particular the development of metropolitan public transport.
The project proposed the promotion of a national policy on the metropolitan development of the major cities in Romania, with a focus on the development of public services, especially metropolitan transport.

The necessity of proposing legislative amendments regarding the organization of metropolitan transport arose as a result of the national legislation in the field which is not correlated with other legal amendments, thus discouraging local administrations from extending transport services from the municipal level to the metropolitan level.

In this context, the POLICENTRIC project carried out an analysis of the metropolitan development stage of the big cities in Romania, as well as the legislation regulating this type of development, identified the main legislative problems with negative impact, and solutions were proposed to amend a number of normative acts.
Also, a series of regional seminars were carried out, where examples of good practice on metropolitan development were presented, including metropolitan functional transport models, such as those in the metropolitan areas of Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca and Oradea.

Resources needed

The Romanian Federation of Metropolitan Areas and Urban Agglomerations implemented “POLICENTRIC Project - Strategic partnerships for the polycentric development of Romania”, SMIS code 35483, from the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme 2007–2013.

Evidence of success

Through the implementation of the project, the following results were achieved:
- An interactive national network of 20 metropolitan development specialists;
- A specialized study on the stage of Romania's polycentric development;
- Two strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of European Funds
- A national conference and 5 regional seminars discussing the development of metropolitan areas, including the development of metropolitan transport.

Difficulties encountered

A number of difficulties related to the establishment and coordination of the metropolitan development expert group arose due to the fact that they resided in different cities.
Additionally the collection of analytical data given the large number of cities involved was a problem.

Potential for learning or transfer

The project is a good practice model for the creation of a national policy in the field of metropolitan development, as well as for the establishment of metropolitan transport systems, contributing to the increase of the quality of the public transport service for the benefit of the residents.

The project can be a good practice model for other cities / regions for the development of metropolitan areas as well as increasing mobility of residents and reducing pollution, based on the expansion of public transport to metropolitan areas.

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Main institution
Intermediate Body for North - West Region
Nord-Vest, Romania (România)
Start Date
November 2011
End Date
November 2013


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