The MyCicero practice has started with the aim of improving the quality of public transport in some Regions of Italy, especially for avoiding the phenomenon of
MyCicero is a multi-channel platform - a touch-screen smartphone web - that accompanies the development of the Smart Territory. It is the place for a dynamic and transversal dialogue between the relevant stakeholders, it is the project of integrated and sustainable development of the territorial community.
In details this mobile application allows to:
1) find the stops and find out the timetables:
by using the app it is possible to search for stops in both the location in which the passenger is and the specified area if covered by the service. It is also possible to view all incoming or outbound races at the stop and have real-time information on advances and delays (only for enabled carriers).
2) Search for travel solutions using public transport:
myCicero calculates the route by compiling rushes of different vectors and provides useful information such as waiting times, changes, map position, pedestrian path, etc.
3) Buy travel titles
Directly from the app it is possible to buy tickets for a specific travel solution or select them from "shelf".
The purchased ticket may be displayed by entering the app 'My Tickets' section to be shown to the controller. There are two types of titles:
A) obliterate: they can be purchased in advance and obliterated while climbing on board by pressing the oblitera button from the ticket screen in question.
B) automatically canceled at the time of purchase: they must be purchased immediately before boarding the vehicle as being in goo

Resources needed

Before the introduction of MyCicero system in Abruzzo Region there wasn’t any type of electronic payment for using public transport. This system has been developed by a private company and the app has been implemented and utilised in the territory of Abruzzo Region since 2013.

Evidence of success

The possibility to pay easily from the smartphone was conceived in order to encourage people to use public transport more intensively and that is what has actually happened. In the last years an increase of the use of local public transport has occurred.

Difficulties encountered

At the beginning of the experimentation of the app, some constraints and obstacles were encountered: users had to rapidly change their travel habits (ticket purchase, validation, renewal subscription, etc.) and the organisation had to plan and arrange a fair scheme.

Potential for learning or transfer

1) the payment method: once the purchase is confirmed, payment can be made using the "Credit myCicero” or credit card. The purse can be recharged free of charge via Visa or Credit Card Credit, MasterCard;
2) the recharging of credit: by clicking on "Card Management" it is possible to associate several cards to proceed to credit recharge
All those aspects have convinced people to use this app with the effect of an improvement of the utilisation of local public transport. The system has already been implemented in some other Italian regions, thus offering a best practice example for further exploitation and application.
Main institution
Abruzzo Region
Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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