This initiative brings together knowledge and expertise in the field of health for digital co-creation.
This a initiative started by Liverpool CCG and Shropshire Council Business Design Team, which brings together knowledge and expertise in the field of health. This could include Telehealth Technology Service, often referred to as remote patient monitoring. The objective of the partnership is to:
•Share knowledge and skills, within LCCG, with partners and also between Liverpool and Shropshire (connecting Health and Local Government thinking)
•Build capacity within LCCG

The collective ethos is that:
•The customer (the citizen, the patient) is at the heart of
the product or service is design, taking a co-design approach at every stage.
•Learn from failures to make workable solutions.
This initiative is currently working together to:
•Support step down approaches to health care; empowering citizens and community groups to manage their own care and motivate each other for good health.
•Understand how patients and practitioners in Liverpool will be able to interact and benefit from with a tailored digital health portal.
•Understanding health pathways with a view to making improvements that support both clinical and patient need.
•Develop an Innovation Pathway to instil a person centred approach across the business (and beyond).

Shropshire Council, Liverpool CCG, Primary and Secondary Care practitioners

Primary and Secondary Care practitioners, Patients, Community Groups, Public sector partners in the Liverpool City Region.

Resources needed

This work was financed through LCCG.

Evidence of success

This initiatives has worked together to:
•support the roll out of Telehealth technology (from 70 participants to 1600 across Liverpool) by focussing on patient experience and understanding motivations and blockers of people who were offered telehealth.
•develop the use of the Flo (Florence – a Simple Telehealth app) system.
•Work with partners to engage citizens and increase knowledge and understanding of how digital and social innovation can benefit them and their communities.

Difficulties encountered

Resource needed up front to not only be involved at an operational level but also to work strategically.

Potential for learning or transfer

•It is important to have a senior Sponsor to facilitate discussions and enable dialogue internally and with partners to begin.
•Involving people early on in the design process is vital – people need to own and feel part of change to create lasting impact.
•Building community relationships takes time and trust needs to be built
•Everyone has a story to tell and vital knowledge to bring in designing and redesigning public services.
•Part of this approach to is share learning and build up skills to build a culture grounded in service design principles within staff at LCCG.
•Further and sustained engagement internally and with partners and stakeholders will be needed to reinforce a person centred culture.
•Looking at services, pathways and innovation through the eyes of the citizen, the patient and bringing their voice to each stage of the design process.
Main institution
Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Merseyside, United Kingdom
Start Date
October 2012
End Date


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