Aula Emprende helps to increase the rates of entrepreneurship at universities, coming both from the students and from professors and researchers.
“Aula Emprende” facilitates the connection of the Education and R&D&i system of all the areas of knowledge of the universities with the entrepreneurial ecosystem, hence promoting the entrepreneurial culture at all levels of the universities.

The goal of “Aula Emprende” is to train university teachers and researchers in capacities and entrepreneurial motivating skills, with the final purpose of conveying them to university students, in order to promote the entrepreneurship culture at the universities. The training program of “Aula Emprende” is addressed to university professors of any area of knowledge, that are interested in promoting entrepreneurial attitude among university students.

Through “Aula Emprende”, and by professors' implication, students acquire a skills of entrepreneurial capacities, and are empowered to transform their ideas into business proposals. This empowerment is especially useful for students coming from degrees not related with business management, since those are the ones with greater difficulties to generate new companies.

The training of Phase I introduces pedagogical tools to the professors and researchers through a 3-days training program (25 hours), plus a practical activity (creation of group of students with a business idea). The training of Phase II teams students coordinated by the teachers and researchers to develop new business projects through seminars (creativity, communication, protection of ideas and pitching of ideas).

Resources needed

To develop the “Aula Emprende” program 1-2 full time employees are needed. Employees should have knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and business management. Additionally, the cost for the development of the “Aula Emprende” programme is around 7.000 € for phase one and 10.000 € for phase two.

Evidence of success

Since 2009, 222 professors have been trained in promotion of entrepreneurship at Universitat de València. Between 2015 and 2016, 322 professors and researchers of the five public universities have participated in the “Aula Emprende” programme. At Universitat de València 76 teachers and researchers have participated at the second phase of “Aula Emprende” 2016, coordinating a total amount of 126 teams composed by 500 university students. In 2017 the number of teams raised up to 227.

Difficulties encountered

The main challenge is beating the scepticism of professors and researchers. The vision of entrepreneurship and creation of new start-ups is not shared by all the academic community of the university, whereas the employment of future graduates is perceived as a problem to be addressed.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is potentially interesting to other regions to learn from for following reasons:
- Promotion of the entrepreneurship culture in our society, in line with regional, national and european policies.
- Increase of the critical mass of motivated entrepreneurs
- High impact on the university system, due to increase of the number of university startup proposals.
- Multidisciplinarity. Helps to connect and integrate the Education and R&D&i system of the universities with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
- Facilitates to share best practices in promotion of entrepreneurship among the different entities.
- Engagement of the triple helix model. Connection between universities and the regional government. Integration of companies at Aula Emprende as teachers and mentors.

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Main institution
Universitat de València
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2009
End Date


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