The Creative Accelerator–working in the PPP model–incorporates the missing chain link in Csongrád County that so far existed in the business support ecosystem.
The development of the business support ecosystem in Csongrád County is in the first phase; therefore it is hard to formulate good practices that can be interesting for the partnership. However, we find the Creative Accelerator worth to introduce because:
The starting problem is that in Csongrád County the needed business development institutional background to exploit the innovative ideas is not available. There were smaller organizations that strived to start good ideas on the way of successful enterprises but they only have 1-2 successful projects. They are for example the SzegedBoost, the SzegedTech, the JumpStart and the FIVOSZ. The Szeged University made an attempt to harmonize the work of these tiny actors (business development round table) but it has terminated.
A regional accelerator was established as a missing element of the regional eco-system. The accelerator aims at fostering the regional start-up companies working together in partnership with the University and other Public Research Organizations (BRC, ELI, BayBio, CBRC). Further partnerships and cooperation were established with other regional stakeholders such as Regional Innovation Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Clusters, etc.
Several stakeholders are involved in this GP, such as:
- University
- Other public research organizations (BRC, ELI, BayBio, CBRC)
- Regional Innovation Agency
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry
- Clusters

Resources needed

600 million HUF granted by the GINOP2.1.5 call “Building innovation ecosystem (startup and spinoff)”, which aims to develop and strengthen an ecosystem that facilitates the improvement of start-ups and support the initial phase. Above this sum, there’s the contribution of members

Evidence of success

A key success factor of the accelerator is based on a PPP model as the accelerator was established by private investors and received public grant from Structural Fund.
A further success factor is the involvement of local key experts among the founders and the management.
The estimated number of start-ups in the pipeline is about 100 (50 at the moment).
Planned number of investments: 12.
Planned amount invested: >2M EUR.

Difficulties encountered

An environment with lack of confidence - typical for post-socialist countries- can be a significant issue. This is incorporated in the phenomenon that the local idea-owners only slightly trust in local actors and they rather work on the utilization of their ideas with other region investors.

Potential for learning or transfer

Certainly, we don’t believe that the more successful regions than Csongrád County, where such systems already work successfully, could learn anything from this model. However, for regions with similar problems that can’t start the good ideas on the way of successful enterprises, this practice can be useful.
The element of the GP that could be replicated in other lagging behind regions are the following:
- PPP model
- strong local engagement
partnership and collaboration with regional stakeholders
Main institution
Creative Accelerator
Dél-Alföld, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
December 2016
End Date


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