The Health Profile is an interactive website with videos, where patients and relatives speak about their personal experiences with specific chronic diseases.
Region Zealand experienced a lack of health literacy in their chronically ill citizens and decided to improve communication with this patient group.
The Health Profile is an interactive website with videos, where patients and relatives speak about their personal experiences with specific chronic diseases, healthcare/clinical staff give advice on how to handle certain aspects, and training videos demonstrate how to change a bandage for example.
The Health Profile offers knowledge, experience and tools to help patients as their everyday life changes due to a chronic illness. Information and advice on eating habits, transportation, exercise, assistive devices and more.
The webpage provides information for those who are ill, relatives or those working with people who have a chronic illness. The platform is developed in constant and close contact with patients and their relatives, patient organisations and regional stakeholders. The health profile is also a solution targeted at elderly citizens with chronic diseases to help them better self-manage their health.
The website is free, easy to navigate, gives the user opportunity to choose specifically what they want to watch and is currently available in 6 languages.

Resources needed

Approximately 600.000 euro with salary for five people

Evidence of success

A recent 3 month evaluation (Oct. – Dec. 2017) with focus on usability and the application’s impact on Quality of Life has been finalized in collaboration with researcher Christine Sørensen and the consulting firm COWI. The evaluation report is currently under preparation, but the preliminary results already indicate that the web-based application is well-received by elderly citizens in the Region. Especially because the tool can provide access to knowledge that would not otherwise be available.

Difficulties encountered

It is often a challenge for Health Professionals to speak with the patients in their own everyday language. Interaction with citizens has different conditions than interacting with colleague. This is often a recognition Health Professionals have to make during their career.

Potential for learning or transfer

A step on the way to integrated care in the healthcare system, where the patient is involved in their own care course and the delivered services are provided in regard to the patient’s specific needs and requests:
1. The application facilitates patient empowerment: It facilities the patients’ active part in informed decision-making in clinical settings as it allows patients find solutions for their health and wellbeing. The videos are specifically orientated towards concrete actions the patient can take to improve their everyday life with a chronical disease.
2. Support in choosing the right treatment for the individual patient, in other words, personalized treatments: The patient can select what they need and would like to watch and they can repeat videos as many times as they like. They can relate to the people and situations in the video and can watch it with their relatives. The fact is that it is easier to watch how something is done, than to read about it.

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Main institution
Region Zealand
Sjælland, Denmark (Danmark)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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