Standardization and simplification the whole processes to enable a smooth and understandable implementation of multi-apartment building modernization programme
When planning the Multi-Apartment Building Modernization Renovation (MABR) programme, one of the immediate challenges was to standardize and simplify the documents and whole processes to enable a smooth and understandable implementation of financial instruments. The Lithuanian government decided to simplify the process for final beneficiaries by imposing some legal changes: 50% +1 of apartment owners (absolute majority) needed to agree to join the program. Joint liability for the building modernization investments. Other financial institutions introduced process simplification measures: central public procurement organization introduced simplified and shorter procedures for building modernization procurement. Housing energy efficiency agency created simplified application forms and reduced administration extent to minimum necessary. Special standardized templates prepared for public procurement, including standardized construction agreement. Improved and standardized documents for energy efficiency certification were prepared.

Resources needed

Buildings affected:
- buildings renovated (as of 9 September 2016) – 848
- estimated surface (m2) affected - ~ 1.5 million
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Evidence of success

Performance indicators linked to the practice:
Estimated number of households with improved energy labeling: 37.000
Estimated number of households with improved energy consumption classification: 37.000
Estimated number of households engaged in support programmes: 120.000
Estimated annual energy savings in all households (kWh): 272.000.

Difficulties encountered

Factors that might hamper the transfer:
detailed local legislation analysis needed;
high competencies of experts involved in standardization and simplification required;
some measures may require to have more complex legal framework changes.

Potential for learning or transfer

Introduced measures could help to decrease administration workload, legal uncertainty and trust in the program (financial intermediaries and investors now trust in the program and are willing to participate with own funds).

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Main institution
Housing energy efficiency agency
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
June 2018
End Date


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