MarketMate is a national priority project designed to support Hungarian Social Enterprises through providing them with financial and non-financial support.
PiacTárs (in English: MarketMate, reference number: EDIOP-5.1.2-15-2016-00001) is a flagship national priority project that has been designed to support the Hungarian social enterprises (as well as the social enterprise ecosystem) through providing them with financial and non-financial support financed under the EDIOP Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme . The project is composed by preliminary researches, trainings, roadshows and dissemination events together with the design of 3 funding programmes addressed to social enterprises in Hungary (EDIOP 5.1.3, EDIOP 5.1.7 and EDIOP 8.8.1).
MarketMate priority project contains the pre-qualification criteria - that enables access to dedicated financial instruments – is composed by 3 main elements: a) minimum requirements (mainly administrative data), b) sustainable business plan, c) measurable social impact. Social enterprises successfully passing the pre-qualification scheme are entitled to apply for further calls. However, social enterprises that are reluctant to pass the pre-evaluation scheme, regarding the total score (50 per cent or 75 per cent obtained) provided with the chance to modify and update their application and submit for a re-evaluation – through non-financial support and consultancy provided by a blue-ribbon panel of experts in the frame of the MarketMate priority project.

Resources needed

Overall, since 2016 under the call of EDIOP 5.1.3 a total of 20 million EUR and under the call of EDIOP 5.1.7 a total of 50 million EUR have been allocated to support the Hungarian social enterprises and their ecosystems. Call EDIOP 8.8.1 is under development for the moment.

Evidence of success

During the summer of 2017, 94 industry specific project plans were supported by IFKA to apply for the call EDIOP 5.1.3. Total of 152 organisations were certified by IFKA through the MarketMate priority project, EDIOP 5.1.2. These organisations involve 79 social cooperatives, 28 associations, 18 foundations, 26 non-profit companies (limited company, general partnership) and 1 church. All in all, 128 proposals have been approved by Managing Authority with 16 094 730 € under the call of EDIOP 5.1.3

Potential for learning or transfer

The MarketMate priority project and related calls represent a mainstream and innovative approach in supporting social enterprises and their ecosystems. On the one hand, financial and non-financial support provided for social enterprises are closely interrelated. On the other hand, the structure of the pre-qualification system promote transparency and dialogue between parties involved. Last but not least, the criteria of the pre-qualification system are mainstream, focusing on the key success criteria for social enterprises’ access to market, access to finance, internationalization as well as increasing of employment capacity such as viable business model resulting in financial viability as well as social impact created.

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Main institution
Ministry of Human Resources
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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