On 25 February, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is organising an online discussion on the topic of "technology foresight".

Technology foresight can be seen as “a systematic exercise aimed at looking into the longer-term future of science, technology, and innovation in order to make better-informed policy decisions” (Pietrobelli and Puppato).

The speed of technological change and the emergence of disruptive technologies continuously transform regional industrial structures. As a result, technology foresight emerged to respond to this emerging complexity to foresee, shape and direct potential future orientation of technological change.

What to expect?

This online discussion will explore how regional policymakers can use technology foresight to involve a wide range of actors such as the public sector, experts, industry, and civil society to define and to prepare for a joint vision of the future.

Specific objectives

  • To exchange experience and discuss how regional policymakers can use technology foresight
  • To present good practices from selected Interreg Europe projects
  • To discuss challenges and opportunities for regions 
  • To facilitate networking between Interreg Europe projects

This event is on invite only. If you are an expert in the topic and wish to participate, please get in contact with us.

Image credit: Rawpixel on envato elements.