On 4 February, from 10:30 to 12:00 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is organising an online discussion on the topic of 'Making innovation visible: the role of spaces for innovation'.

What will the event be about?

The online discussion will look at the role of physical spaces to anchor innovation in the regional fabric and to make it visible to the broader civil society.

These innovation spaces often aim to promote collaboration through informal networks and to showcase regional innovative products and services. They provide high-level amenities to users such as coffee shops or restaurants within the innovation, leisure, and co-working community spaces open to the public. The objective is to promote formal and informal face-to-face interactions, the creation of networks, and the spread of tacit knowledge.

These spaces for innovation are particularly relevant in more rural regions in the context of COVID-19 to attract and retain hybrid workers from metropolitan areas.

Specific objectives of the event

  • To exchange experience and discuss how innovation spaces can anchor innovation in a region.
  • To present good practices from selected Interreg Europe projects.
  • To discuss challenges and opportunities for regions to make innovation visible.
  • To facilitate networking between Interreg Europe projects.

This event is on invite only. If you are an expert on the topic and wish to participate, please get in contact with us.

If you are interested in our online discussion, you might also be interested to the conference on Knowledge Needs Space that will be held on 28 and 29 January 2022. The conference is free and open to the public. Please register by Tuesday 25 January 2022 (for more info and registration click here).

Image credit: gstockstudio on envato elements.