On 12 and 13 January 2022, the Policy Learning Platform is organising an online peer review for the benefit of the Municipality of Maribor (Slovenia). It will focus on the strategy for the transition to a circular economy and citizen involvement in the process.

What will it be about?

The peer review will be moderated by our environment and resource efficiency Thematic Expert, Astrid Severin.

The Municipality of Maribor is aiming towards an environmentally sustainable framework, having developed many activities towards green and low carbon emissions such as a smart city, smart transportation, circular economy, and health and environment protection.

The city is acting as a coordination unit to support the Smart City Maribor initiative (SCMI), a platform for collaboration in preparing development projects. A key element of this concept is the satisfaction of citizens and engaging them in the development of the city, as it has been widely recognized as important for improving government decision making. However, promoting sustainable participation has never been an easy task for them as there are very diverse interests, commitments, and expertise between public officials and citizens, something that has become the main obstacle for their participation and engagement.

After having participated in many European projects, the Municipality of Maribor is now looking for successful approaches to improve citizens engagement for circular economy, specially coming from experts that have experience and knowledge on medium size cities like Maribor.

This activity is invitation only. However, the key learnings will be available afterwards, in a follow-up article.

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Photo credit: a_medvedkov on envato elements.