On Friday 10 December 2021, from 09:15 to 12:30 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting an online thematic workshop on the topic of 'clusters: driving the green and digital twin transitions’.

Cluster policy is an important policy concept for research and innovation and ranks as one of the most requested topics in Interreg Europe community’s preferences. Furthermost, this event will complement the policy brief on clusters.

Clusters constitute a significant part of the European industrial landscape, becoming a widley used policy tool at European, national and regional level to stimulate research and innovation capapcities for SMEs. They play an important role in industrial tranformations as they support knowledge diffusion, knowledge spillovers, higher innovation and research activities, new business models, and can reconfigure industrial value chains.

At the intersection of regional and industrial policy, clusters and their place-based approach make Interreg Europe projects the ideal space for policy learning and showcasing how clusters can support SMEs in their green and digital tranformations through cross-border initiatives.

What will it be about?

This thematic workshop will allow regions to share their experience on cluster policies and the role of clusters for driving the digital and green transitions. It will represent an opportunity for discussing and creating synergies through sharing experiences and practices, new policy trends, raising stakeholders’ awareness of the importance of clusters for driving the digital and green transitions.

During this workshop, you will gain:

  • Knowledge of common challenges faced in peer regions in fostering cluster policies.
  • Identification of potential solutions to address those challenges.
  • Practical tools.
  • Exchange and synergies across projects.
  • Collaboration and networking with experts.
  • Identify possible partners for future interregional cooperation
  • Insights into policies to promote the digital and green twin transitions.

What is the event format?

The workshop is divided into three 45-minute sessions, structured as follows:

Part I: introduction and keynote speakers

You will have the opportunity to get inspired by keynote speakrs Marek Przeor (DG GROW) and Antonio Novo Guerrero (European Clusters Alliance) who will present the state of the art of cluster policies, followed by a Q&A session.

Part II: good practices

Two good practices from Interreg Europe will be showcased by Jaume Sastre (AERIAL UPTAKE) and Ilkka Nykänen (REMIX). This will be followed with a reflection from Bianca Muntean (2019 EU Cluster Manager of the Year).

Part III: working groups

During this session you will join an interactive online exchange where participants will be divided into different rooms to reflect and discuss on cluster policies in their regions and bring their experience.

More information about the programme can be found in the draft event agenda.

Online expert helpdesk

Do you have any questions regarding our services or regarding a policy challenge that your region is facing?

At the end of the workshop, starting at 11.40, our Thematic Experts Arnault Morisson and Marc Pattinson will be available for an online policy helpdesk. Make sure to book your 10-minute individual meeting!

A follow-up article will be published online shortly after the event.

Credits: RESOLVE project Interreg Europe.