On 3 and 4 november 2021, the Policy Learning Platform is organising an online peer review for the benefit of the Kilkenny County Council (Ireland) on urban mobility: rellocation of urban space, car restrictive policies, and building stakeholder support.

What will it be about?

The peer review will be moderated by our low-carbon economy Thematic Experts, Katharina Krell and Astrid Severin.

Kilkenny County Council is generating plans for enhancement of cycling infrastructure throughout the city. Although this has been challenging because of strong resistance to the introduction of one way measures in the city centre, in particular from traders and elected officials.

Thus, they are seeking input from peers who have successfully implemented the 10 Minute City concept, resulting in increased levels of cycling/walking/public transport use. In particular, the council is seeking advice on successful reallocation of space and introduction of car restrictive policies in city centres. Furthermost, they are hoping to gain broad based support for modal shift and sustainable transport in the city centre from retailers, businesses and residents.

This activity is invitation only. However, the key learnings will be available afterwards, in a follow-up article.

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Credit: Photo from RESOVLE project - Kronoberg