On 28 and 29 September 2021, the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is organising an online peer review for the benefit of the Region of Central Macedonia, in Greece. 

What will it be about? 

This peer review will be moderated by Astrid Severin and Katharina Krell, our environment and resource efficiency and low-carbon and environment thematic experts.

The Region of Central Macedonia wants to convene with European experts and its regional stakeholders to discuss circular economy in the fashion industry, more specifically in textile and clothing, and how to increase sustainability and competitiveness in the global value chains.

The Greek region would also like to explore tools, funds, policy instruments and actions that increase consumer’s and producer’s awareness for circular economy in fashion.

In addition, the peer review host would like to learn about best practice experiences made in other parts of Europe and examine if some of these approaches could be adapted to their specific regional needs.

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Photo by OksaLy on envatoelements