On Tuesday 5 October from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform and the Interact ‘Knowledge of the Seas Network’ are co-hosting a joint event on green policy challenges in maritime regions.

Administrators and policymakers from across Europe will have the chance to discover common challenges as well as viable solutions to address them, thus enabling the green transformations that need to be accelerated on the way to a truly circular and climate neutral economy in coastal cities and maritime regions.

What you can expect

We foresee the interventions of established experts in the field of interregional cooperation:

  • Thorsten Kohlisch, Project Manager at the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform, will provide a general overview of the Platform and the services it provides to the Interreg Europe community and beyond.
  • Philipp Schwartz, Project Manager at Interact, will illustrate the main challenges currently faced within the Knowledge of the Seas Network concerning the implementation of green policies.
  • Astrid Severin, Thematic Expert at the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform, will delve specifically into the services and the knowledge hub of the Platform in the areas of environment, resource efficiency and low carbon economy.

More information on the programme can be found in the event agenda

Online policy helpdesk

At the end of the webinar (15.00-15.30 CEST) our Thematic Expert Astrid Severin will be available for an online policy helpdesk.

Should you wish to receive detailed information about PLP services or engage in a discussion on marine litter, coastal tourism, circular economy, waste management, biodiversity, green-blue infrastructures, renewable energy and any other green topic make sure you book your 10’ slot when registering to the joint webinar.

What to expect from the event?

Mark this webinar on your calendar, it will be great learning session on the green policy challenges of coastal cities and maritime regions as well as on the interregional cooperation instruments that may assist you in the lead up to the sustainable blue economy.

Registration is now open.

follow-up article will be published online shortly after the event.

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