On 9 September from 10:00 to 13:00 CET, the Policy Learning Platform, in collaboration with the German state of Brandenburg, is organising an in-person workshop in Potsdam. 

Policy Learning Platform on the road 

In May 2021, we launched a new initiative: the Policy Learning Platform on the road. Throughout the upcoming months, we will go on a virtual tour around Europe and 'visit' local and regional stakeholders to raise awareness about all the policy learning and networking opportunities we can offer.

The event we are hosting in September comes at the request of the state of Brandenburg and is part of this initiative.

What will this event be about? 

The workshop will last three hours and will focus on Interreg Europe and the Policy Learning Platform. 

During the first part of the event, Jobst-Hinrich Ubbelohde, the Undersecretary of State for European Affairs in Brandenburg will give a welcome speech. Erwin Siweris the Interreg Europe Programme Director, will follow with a presentation of the key features of the new cooperation programme.

The Platform's Project Manager, Thorsten Kohlisch will then present the Policy Learning Platform and a local representative from the City of Greifswald will speak about the peer review on landfill rehabilitation we organised for their benefit in July 2021. 

Finally, the workshop will end with a Q&A session on the possibilities of actors from Brandenburg to participate in Interreg Europe.

For more information 

This event is on invitation only.

However, if you are interested in our new initiative, and would be interested in learning more about the interregional cooperation opportunities we offer, contact us. We will then see together what is the best way to serve you.