On Monday 27 September 2021, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting an online thematic workshop on the topic of 'scaling up European SMEs’.

It is evident that there is no lack of innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit in Europe. However many existing and new firms don't make it beyond their home markets or the critical first few years. This is why, since 2016 the European Commission has made the scaling up of European SMEs a key priority.

The current and future scale-up support measures on EU, national and regional levels are designed to change that and help SMEs to deliver their full innovation and job creation potential. The aim is also to give Europe's many innovative entrepreneurs every opportunity to access new markets and become world leading companies.

What will it be about?

By joining this event you will learn about new ways to support the growth of European SMEs to scale up from regional and national business to international and global markets.

We will put the spotlight on:

  • new approaches taken by business incubators and startup accelerators
  • the role of adequate funding, available financial instruments and support in different regions.

These topics will be tackled while featuring good practices about internationalisation support schemes, and providing an overview and benchmarking of different approaches already used.

Finally, insights will be given on how to use different growth instruments and international scale up approaches in a combined and synergetic way.

What is the event format?

During the workshop, we will bring to you three consecutive sessions of about 45-60 minutes structured as follows:

Session I: introduction and opening keynote

You will have the opportunity to join an interactive session with keynote speaker Andrus Kurvits (Director of Tartu Science Park in Estonia) who will introduce the topic of developing new strategies for a competitive and sustainable international growth of European SMEs.

Session II: working groups

During this 60-minute session, you will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive online exchange divided into two parallel working groups on: 

  • Scaling up support programmes and financing,
  • Benchmarking internationalisation approaches for scaling up.

Both working groups will start with three presentations of good practices coming from different Interreg Europe projects, followed by a 25-minutes Q&A session moderated by our Thematic Experts.

Session III: plenary session

During the last session, rapporteurs will share with the audience the outcomes of the working groups.

This will be followed by two closing keynote speeches on European support programmes for scale up activities. You will also be able to ask all the questions you may have to the speakers during a short Q&A session.

More information about the programme can be found in the draft event agenda.

Online expert helpdesk

Do you have questions regarding our services? or regarding a policy challenge that your region is facing?

At the end of the workshop, starting at 17.00, our Thematic Experts Mart Veliste and Rene Tonisson will be available for an online policy helpdesk. Make sure to book your 10-minute individual meeting when registering.

follow-up article will be published online shortly after the event.

Photo credits: Prostock-studio on envato elements.