Join the Policy Learning Platform for a webinar on how to design and deploy regional innovation support policies within rural areas on 15 July, from 14:00 to 15:30 CET.

What to expect

Rural regions make up roughly half of the territory of the EU-28, with just over one quarter of the population living in these areas. By building innovation capacity, deploying the latest technological developments and implementing innovative solutions, rural and sparsely populated areas can overcome their inherent challenges and remain viable business locations.

Digital transition challenges and infrastructure deployment solutions underpin many actions in rural areas to help accelerate rural innovation support actions. Business networking, clustering and setting up competence centres can also help rural regions become more competitive and support their SMEs with targeted and adapted solutions.

Enabling and facilitating technology deployment in rural areas in traditional industries can also play a part in helping key sectors either transform or diversify their economic performance

The webinar will explore different approaches to support innovation in rural economies, make them more resilient and able to respond to current societal challenges and transitions (digital, energy, ecological …) and facilitate the uptake of the latest technological solutions.


Alongside our research and innovation thematic experts, Marc Pattinson and Arnault Morrison we have invited experts in the field to share their experiences and recommendations with you. 

  • Olavi Luotonen from DG CONNECT at the European Commission, will give a keynote speech on the role of the digital economy in supporting rural communities.  
  • Clive Peckham, from Nièvre Numérique, will speak about how digital technology is driving innovation through collaborative networks from local to international level: maker spaces in France and virtual wine tastings and collaborative supply chains development between CARPE DIGEM partners. 
  • Ninetta Chaniotou, from the Regional Council of Kainuu, will give a presentation on a successful, knowledge intensive wood processing cluster, focusing on sustainable wooden construction solutions, combining investments and knowledge transfer (BRIDGES).
Credit: Photo by stevanovicigor on envatoelements