On Tuesday 21 September 2021, from 14:00 to 17:00 CET the Policy Learning Platform will host an on-line thematic workshop on the topic of 'competitive and sustainable tourism sector’.

By joining this event you will learn how to promote your regions thanks to tourism development strategies, branding and multi-stakeholder involvement. You will also learn how to create a diversified and sustainable tourism offer based on the valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage in your regions.

Why is competitive and sustainable tourism so important?

Astrid Severin, co-host and Thematic Expert for Environment and Resource Efficiency, underlines that: “Many policymakers are currently looking for sustainable solutions that disperse tourism flows, bring growth and employment to less known areas and untap the potential of Europe’s rich natural and cultural heritage. Interreg Europe can feature some successful concepts to inspire these much needed policy changes.”

What is the event format?

In the course of an afternoon, we will bring to you three consecutive 45-minute sessions structured as follows:

  • Session I

You will get inspired by the successful tourism development strategy adopted by the Latvian City of Valmiera, a good practice of the Destination SMEs project. You will also discover how a local tourism strategy based on the revitalisation of the industrial heritage in the Swedish region Västra Götaland led to a policy change in the Andalusian Province of Granada thanks to the CHRISTA project.

  • Session II

You will have the opportunity to join an active debate around Interreg Europe good practices in two parallel working groups, one on ‘Cooperation for success: joint branding and multi-stakeholder involvement programmes’, one on ‘Off the beaten track: Developing new geographically distributed and off-season tourism offers’.

  • Session III

You will discover the outcome of the discussion in the working groups and learn from the European Commission about EU funding for competitive and sustainable tourism for the 2021-2027 programming period.

More information about the programme can be found in the event agenda.

Online policy helpdesk

At the end of the online thematic workshop, starting at 17:00, our Thematic Experts Luc Schmerber, Mart Veliste, Astrid Severin and Marco Citelli will be available for an online policy helpdesk. They are however fully booked. You are nonetheless warmly invited to submit your helpdesk requests on our website. 

What to expect from the event?

Insights into strategies to make competitive and sustainable tourism a staple of regional recovery out of the Covid-19 crisis. Knowledge of the challenges faced by peer regions, identification of potential solutions, exchange with other workshop participants, collaboration and networking with experts.

Registration is now open.

A follow-up article will be published online shortly after the event.

Credit: Photo by nd3000 on envatoelements