The Policy Learning Platform is organising an online discussion on the topic of smart specialisation strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth (S4+). 

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a report written by Philip McCann and Luc Soete titled 'Place-Based Innovation for Sustainability' which is the outcome of the expert group 'linking smart specialisation and mission-oriented policy for sustainable development'. The report highlights that the regional policy focus must be on transformative changes. Innovation must not blindly follow competitiveness logic but must respond to broader regional societal challenges and be an 'intermediate step towards the longer-term goals of fostering sustainability and inclusiveness'.

The online discussion will allow to exchange on experiences and to discuss the concept of S4+. Participants will be able to present good practices and learn from Interreg Europe projects. In addition, it allow for the presentation of the experience of the S3 Platform with recent publication such as 'Towards a transformative Smart Specialisation Strategy: lessons from Catalonia, Bulgaria and Greece'.

What to expect

Several speakers will contribute to the online discussion with presentations: 

Read more about the S4+ strategy in our article on: From S3 to S4+: smart specialisation strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The event is on invite only. Key learnings will be made available in a follow-up article. Stay up to date on our activities by signing up for our policy digest

Image credit: Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels