A two-day peer review is organised by the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform team of experts in Luxemburg. The event will be hosted by Nature Park Our, a public body interested to learn from the experiences of other European regions in implementing management plans of Natura 2000 sites, on 4 and 5 March 2020

Our environment and resource efficiency experts, Venelina Varbova and Astrid Severin, as well as our group of European peers will be coaching Nature Park in tackling the following challenges

  • Managing and coordinating a large steering committee with 34 members often having conflicting interests;
  • Finding good practices on stakeholder governance;
  • Finding innovative financial instruments as well as low-budget or even no-cost solutions that can help to implement the necessary protection measures and are complementary to the national and European funding sources that have been already identified;
  • Finding good examples on cross-border management and monitoring of Natura 2000 areas especially with regards to water management in cross-border areas and integrated strategies to deal with invasive species. 

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Image credit: Photo by daniyal ghanavati from Pexels