On 10 and 11 December an international conference on research infrastructures for the future will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Policy Learning Platform thematic expert, Arnault Morisson, will be chairing and moderating panels throughout the event. 

The following topics will be discussed by the Policy Learning Platform experts during the conference: 

  • Shared experience and next steps towards long-term sustainability of RIs

    • Financing of the different stages - emerging projects, stage of implementation, etc.
    • Monitoring of the research results of the supported RIs
    • Financing of national roadmaps through the Structural Funds and other sources

  • Centers of Excellence and Centers of Competence as the answer for increased capability and visibility

    • Sustainable planning, smart growth, socio-economic impact
    • Commercialization of research results from supported RIs
    • Mobility of scientists, capacity building, knowledge and skills for RI managers

Image credit: Photo by Startup Stock Photos via Pexels