Industry 4.0 is taking off across Europe. How can regions ensure that strategies and programmes are coherent with this new line of economic development? Interregional learning might be the answer.

An interregional conference focused on industrial modernisation

Organised by NMP-REG and TRINNO projects, Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is an interregional conference that will take place on 19 March in Florence, Italy. The event will bring together several Interreg Europe projects, as well as European actors. It will be an open discussion on how I4.0 is being applied across Europe and how various regional actors are dealing with the opportunities and challenges that it brings.

With his overview of all Interreg Europe projects that contribute to industrial modernisation, Marc Pattinson, the Policy Learning Platform's expert on Research and innovation will be present and contribute to the event. He will mainly provide input on how interregional learning can support policy change to make industrial modernisation partner of smart, sustainable and inclusive regional development.

About I4.0

I4.0 is about technologies, production process, and materials, integrated for the first time with new digital technologies. I4.0 is an opportunity, but it is also a challenge. A challenge to adapt traditional sectors, manufacturing systems, and SMEs, the heart of the European economy, to ensure that they are part of this change.

For more information about the event, please see the website and the agenda below.

Image credit: Photo by Maegan White from Pexels