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Community highlights

Did you know that the Policy Learning Platform community consists of over 16.000 policymakers from all over Europe? Our community meets frequently through webinars as well as face-to-face in networking events.


The Policy Learning Platform organises workshops and events all year-round. Our last 4 events took place in Brussels on 26 and 27 November 2019. Take a look and gain access to presentations and follow-up reports:

You can also find our other previous events here

What the community thinks... 

Luc Hulsman, participant in the thematic workshop on RIS3 says this event 'was a perfect combination of listening, learning, exchanging and networking'.

Nicolle Lambrechts, long-time community member and participant of events, mentioned the following: 'Learning shouldn’t end with the graduation. We live in a fast changing world and it is vital for policy analysts to focus on continuous learning. And this is what the Policy Learning Platform offers: an incredible opportunity to stay up to speed with what happens around Europe'. 

Mariona Miret, policy officer for the Barcelona Provincial Council and participant in the creative hubs webinar, mentions 'I believe this webinar is a really good asset for my training and I take the opportunity to highlight my wish to continue participating in the Policy Learning Platform activities/training'.

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