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Research & innovation





Mission oriented innovation policies

Mission-oriented innovation policies have the ambition to foster disruptive and breakthrough innovations to respond to the 21st century challenges such as climate change and inclusive societies. Innovation policies can also be boosted by facilitating interactions among universities and private companies. Read more. [Feb 2020]

Public procurement of innovation 

Regional policymakers are increasingly interested in the use of demand-side measures such as public procurement of innovation to boost regional innovation capabilities. Discover more about public procurement in this policy digest. Read more. [Jun 2020]

Preparing the programming period 2021-2027

Regional policy makers across Europe are busy with preparations for the upcoming programming period 2021-2027. Discover tools to foster successful research and innovation initiatives for the next programming period. Read more. [Nov 2020]

University-industry collaboration

University-industry collaboration is a key component of the regional innovation policy-mix as the successful exploitation of research and development results is fundamental for regional competitiveness. Read more. [Feb 2021]

Innovation in less-developed regions

Take a look at initiatives that address the needs of rural and less developed regions and focus in particular on the role innovation and collaboration approaches can make to help these regions face up to the current societal challenges. Read more. [July 2021]

Clusters driving the transitions

Clusters can support SMEs in their green and digital transformations through cross-border initiatives. At the intersection of regional and industrial policies, clusters and their place-based approach make Interreg Europe projects the ideal space for policy learningRead more. [November 2021]

SME competitiveness

Creative and cultural industries

Discover the power of creative and cultural industries and how they have undoubted impact on our social, democratic and cultural wealth. Using their potential and increasing collaboration with other sectors has become a factor of competitiveness in the European economy. Read more. [Nov 2019]

Fostering entrepreneurship and business creation

A lively entrepreneurial community is key to a region's economic dynamism. Supporting entrepreneurship remains a vital part of the competitiveness and innovation policies. Find more resources in this policy digest to foster entrepreneurship. Read more. [Mar 2020] 

COVID-19: building resilient economies 

Ever since the last economic crisis, economic resilience has been an increasingly relevant topic on the agenda of global and EU institutions and has gained even more prominence in the light of COVID-19. Read more. [July 2020]

Digitalisation for SME competitiveness 

COVID-19 has created circumstances for digitalisation to blossom even faster than before. Both risk and opportunity, the digital transformation impacts increasingly traditional business sectors and challenges long-standing business models. Read more. [Nov 2020]

Social economy

2021 will be the year of the social economy as the European Commission is working on the European Action Plan for the Social Economy. Find resources to get informed and involved in the social economy. Read more. [Mar 2021]

Innovation potential of youths 

Practices from around Europe show exciting results when young university students, fresh graduates and young professionals are included in the innovation process of SMEs or when there are suitable conditions to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths. Read more. [August 2021]

Low-carbon economy

Financial instruments for refurbishement of buildings 

The European Union aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are a main challenge, being responsible for 36% of total CO2 emissions. Find resources and inspiration to reach those objectives locally. Read more. [Sept 2019]



With more stringent targets for air pollution and the revised Clean Vehicles Directive, transport policymakers all over Europe are currently looking for cleaner alternatives. Fuel-switch is one way to go. Discover how this shift can be realised on a regional level. Read more. [Dec 2019]



Urban mobility and public transport

As urban demographics change, and cities tackle their carbon emissions, there is an urgent need to rethink mobility systems and embrace sustainable transport solutions. Discover solutions for public transport and urban mobility. Read more. [Apr 2020]

Mobility in times of COVID-19 

Travel behaviour has changed radically since the outbreak of the pandemic, especially in urban areas and with regard to tourism. Discover how you can support mobility in your region in times of COVID-19. Read more. [Sep 2020]

Sustainable mobility

Mobility continues to be a very relevant topic and therefore this edition focuses on sustainable mobility, addressing urban cycling, behaviour change and rural mobility challenges. Read more. [Dec 2020]

Job and skills development for the energy transition

This edition of the policy digest is dedicated to education and training and explores how public support can help develop the right training programmes that qualify the workforce for the new era. Read more. [Apr 2021]

Sustainable energy in SMEs

This edition of the policy digest is dedicated to support schemes for SMEs, providing a selection of materials that demonstrate best practices and guidelines from across Europe, ready for transfer or replication! Read more. [Sep 2021]


Nature as an asset for socio-economic development

Biodiversity and ecosystems provide essential goods and services to society and constitute the natural base for economic prosperity. Policymakers can improve the relevant policies and find the right balance between economic development and protection of natural capital. Read more. [Jan 2020]

Waste management 

The shift from a linear to a circular economy is a major challenge that requires a strong commitment to the sustainable management of waste and resources. Less waste needs to be generated through the development of sustainable products and the deployment of infrastructure for reuse and repair. Read more. [May 2020] 



Circular economy and separate waste management

The European Union is aiming to reduce the environmental impact of waste and its dependency on raw material imports and thus fosters the transition towards sustainable materials management and a circular economy. Read more. [Oct 2020]

Sustainable tourism 

Tourism is vital for many regions across Europe. As an economic sector, it has steadily contributed to prosperity and improved quality of life for decased. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has brought the opportunity to rethink tourism. Read more. [Feb 2021]


Increasing resource efficiency of water management and decreasing human-induced pressures on water will be indispensable for a balanced and future-proof regional development. Policymakers at local and regional level can do much about it, especially in the current conjuncture on the way to sustainable recovery. Read more. [June 2021]

Cultural Heritage And Sustainable Tourism

Tourism growth needs to be managed responsibly and sustainably; with new destinations emerging off-the-beaten-track and digitisation taking an important place for the renewal of the industryRead more. [October 2021]